Best Travel Bag Brands In The World

Best Travel Bag Brands In The World – Change it—with style. And we don’t mean to pack the weekend with cute prints and tiles. Instead, we created a (sturdy) luggage box that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable when you enter or board the bus.

Sure, the cute prints and bright colors around the carousel look amazing, but there’s nothing less stylish than walking through a new part of the world with a casual carry-on. And there’s nothing more stylish than a new pair of wheels cruising around town without a care in the world.

Best Travel Bag Brands In The World

Best Travel Bag Brands In The World

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not against new enhancements, we’re just saying they shouldn’t be a priority when choosing your travel companion. However, things like the interior design, the 360-degree Japanese wheels, and the handlebars (without arms) make a big difference.

The Best Carry On Luggage For Every Traveler

Since we are ready to go, we don’t care about the details. We watch the scooter take off on the streets of Italy. We know the size-to-weight ratio – that’s why our premium weight limits the cost of the case. And we know which brands work best with style.

Enter: our best selection of luggage for all types of travel. From scaling mountain peaks to roaming the city to hitting the boardroom like a boss—this luxury luggage brand will do it.

Check out our guide to special bag buyers after check-in to see what you should check before buying checked luggage.

Horizn Studios is the first place in the budget. Born to expand our horizons, this luxury brand is all about quality, durability and style. Each case is made from high-quality materials and assembled by expert designers and engineers. All models are tested for durability. And each design carefully considers the impact on the environment.

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Ever changing adventures, Horizn Studios continues to push the boundaries. In 2021, the brand will release the One Circle: a biological, plant-shaped case that is equally impressive in performance. But if you’re serious about your luggage, you can design your own with Horizn ID.

Whether you’re heading to Amman, New York or Burj Al Arab, Dubai, you’ll want to see the pieces. RIMOWA, the world-renowned German luggage brand, combines elegant luxury design with innovative manufacturing and wild design.

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Founded in 1898, in Cologne, Germany, RIMOWA is part of the LVMH group. This luxury brand is known around the world for expertly crafting some of the best hardshell luggage to cater to the popular jet set and flights. They were the first brand to introduce aluminum luggage in 1937 and innovated with polycarbonate luggage in 2000.

Best Travel Bag Brands In The World

All cases from the RIMOWA collection are designed to last. They come with high security ratings to ensure your belongings are protected and easy to follow from the hot deserts of Arabia to the cold winters of Iceland.

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While we expect to pay for luxury luggage, not all types of luggage are expensive. American Tourister is one example. Backed by a 10-year warranty, American Tourister luggage is very durable. Even the two rotating wheels are easy to control and provide a smooth and easy ride.

Founded in 1933, this time-honored brand has a great collection of cases for the whole family. But our top pick is the American Luggage Set. Combining light travel with compact power, the two-piece luggage set includes a 21-inch Carry-on and a 24-inch Spinner. Both cases have a sturdy polypropylene shell and are waterproof. Even the expansion and compression components can be used to purchase memory products.

Holding the title of the world’s oldest luggage brand, fans have trusted Samsonite craftsmanship for over a century.

In fact, the company encouraged them from the moment they were unable, because of the war, to publish their cases from their heritage. New synthetics were the first and never looked back.

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Samsonite has weathered the Great Depression and two World Wars, and won. Yes, you can count on them to see your belongings on an international flight!

Tumi luggage may seem odd at first, but once you go through security, you’ll see it as an investment.

Our most popular brand of business travel bags, Tumi luggage can be brought into a meeting room with ease. Especially the Alpha 3 Continental collection. Tailored and segmented, the silhouette is designed to fit comfortably into the top without compromising the work jacket. The built-in USB port allows you to quickly respond to emails mid-flight without worrying about draining your battery. The integrated TSA lock provides two weeks of security for those highly classified documents.

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Best Travel Bag Brands In The World

Amazon Basics offers many discounts on popular brands. Fortunately, for budget travelers, there is also a variety of travel luggage.

Best Carry On Luggage That We’ve Tested And Reviewed

Something of a jack-of-all-trades, you’ll find bargains in almost every department. So, if you want to save money on your goals, Amazon Basics is the solution.

TravelPro was created by a travel expert. Having racked up tons of air miles as a NorthWest Airlines 747 pilot, he knows a thing or two about what travelers really need from a package.

Famous for manufacturing wheeled and tote luggage, TravelPro has grown to offer a full range of high quality luggage with innovative technology. All with the aim of making travel easier and more enjoyable.

Designed for frequent travelers, TravelPro is loved by more than ninety flight attendants worldwide. Well, they can’t all be wrong.

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If you’re an avid backpacker, suitcases are essential. Protecting your wine bottles and wine bottles from accidental impacts, Beis is one of the best luggage brands when it comes to hard luggage.

From compact totes to checker rolls, all Beis bags are functional and simple in style. And while the hard sides keep your belongings safe, the expandable zipper makes it perfect for last-minute shopping. The 360 ​​degree wheel is smooth and stress free. And with lots of straps and pockets, packing and unpacking can be a lot of fun—trust me, it can be.

If there is a luggage brand that shows less, it is far from it. Promising to be ‘built to last’, Away focuses on longevity while maintaining elegance in all their cases.

Best Travel Bag Brands In The World

They know it’s different to package your vacation, don’t make buying a package an annual chore. Your luggage should stand up to flight after flight without needing to be replaced immediately.

Colorful Luggage: Choosing The Best Color For You

The best advantage is that if you choose to buy a set of luggage (salt, medium, and large, for example), they fit into each other like a store set of Russian dolls.

Osprey started with a sewing machine in California in sepia in 1974. With the goal of designing the perfect travel and hiking backpack, they have exceeded their goal and more.

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Surprisingly, the man behind the sewing machine was a sixteen-year-old boy named Mike Pfotenhauer. Now, years later, he has passed all the designs.

Osprey is well known for creating light-weight, durable, functional backpacks that put the needs of their customers at the forefront of their innovation.

Types Of Travel Bags That Conquered The World

Founded in 1989, Calpak is one of the most popular and best brands of wallets. And while all Calpak luggage is high quality and great value, we stand out for our signature luggage range.

Calpak luggage has multiple compartments and pockets to separate your shoes from the chiffon fabric. It is very light and designed to fit in the upper part. But if you’re stuck with designer stores on the go, the expandable sides give you more space.

Made from the finest materials, Briggs & Riley luggage takes a beating. Yes, feel free to push yourself off the roof or hit with a baseball bat. And if you’re too far off—and we weren’t—the trusted brand will fix it for free, no questions asked.

Best Travel Bag Brands In The World

Briggs & Riley makes very durable kits. But it’s also very high-tech. The luxury case features a universal one-touch CX expansion. And with the push of a button, the bag inflates for extra filling and compresses for ease. Imagine closing your case without first sitting on it…

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We all know that Louis Vuitton is one of the famous luxury brands. Although we rarely mention the luxury label as one of the best luggage brands. But since it’s an OG in the luxury fold, we’d be remiss to leave the Louis Vuitton bag off our list. And when this Pegase case arrives at your door, you’ll be glad we didn’t.

Founded in 2004, Pegas instills the quality and convenience of a luxury label with the latest in luggage. And as one of our favorite Louis Vuitton bags of all time, we see this stylish, monogrammed canvas bag as your lifelong travel companion. Spending a little money is worth it, right?

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