Best Places To Visit In The World November

Best Places To Visit In The World November – November usually equates more to holiday prep than jet setting, but traveling during this shoulder season is a great time to burn off those last few vacation days. Shoulder season also offers flight deals to bucket-list destinations, milder weather in harsh climates, and a less crowded time to visit Insta-worthy sites.

“You miss the summer rush and the Christmas rush, so it’s a great time of year to travel if you’re a little weather-conscious,” says John Rocca, founder and CEO of Bespoke Travel Planning Company. says John Rocca, founder and CEO of Bespoke Travel Planning Company. .

Best Places To Visit In The World November

Best Places To Visit In The World November

“You get more attached to destinations this time of year because it’s more of a local vibe, but there’s a lot going on,” adds Rocca. “You feel like you can do a little more and discover the city at your own pace.”

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To help you find your next trip, here’s a list of our top destinations in November 2022.

November in NOLA is packed with food, music, and culture, but you won’t have to deal with summer heat waves and crowds. From beignets to po boys to gumbo, try the local Cajun and Creole cuisine, or walk into the French Quarter for a taste of history – or if you’re in the mood for a party.

“The change of seasons is always a beautiful thing,” adds Rocca. “There’s this opportunity to do a little more and do some activities that might not be possible in the summer.”

The city is a culinary paradise for foodies with the Bayou Bacchanal Festival celebrating Caribbean culture in early November, the Oak Street Po’ Boy Festival and the New Orleans Film Festival.

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This coastal city is a popular holiday destination for its famous restaurants, nightlife, art and luxury hotels. But Rocca notes that the city’s recent transformation makes it worth visiting in November.

“We see a lot of people rediscovering it from different angles,” adds Rocca. “And all sorts of things are happening, like new properties, new restaurants, new shows… it’s a different city these days.”

November is also Miami Live Arts Month and a great time to explore the city while enjoying plant-based dishes during Seed Food and Wine Week. If you’re in the holiday spirit, November also kicks off with the city’s holiday preparations lighting up the city.

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Best Places To Visit In The World November

Austin is a favorite destination for food and music lovers. Plus, November brings you closer to comfortable 70-degree days and out of the dreaded Texas heat.

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“There are a lot of cultural music scenes and a lot of activities,” says Rocca. “It’s kind of a place for people of culture, entertainment and music.”

There’s more to Austin than just Texas-style barbecue, and you can explore the city’s food scene at the Austin Food and Wine Festival. Then catch live music or a comedy show at Austin City Limits at the Moody Theater. During Latin Art Week, you can also experience local art from Latinx and Hispanic artists.

According to Roca, New Mexico is a great place to explore in November, thanks to the good weather and potential destination on people’s radar.

Located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe offers a mix of nature, art, music, and historic Pueblo-style architecture. Local art can be found all over the city, but Santa Fe is best known for its textile art. November also hosts the Upcycled Art Market in Recycle Santa Fe for more modern art.

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Enjoy mountain views while hiking the Aspen Vista Trail, or go skiing early at the Santa Fe Ski Basin if the weather cooperates. Santa Fe also offers live music venues and a unique blend of food, including Mexican, Pueblo, Spanish, Native American, and Tex-Mex dishes.

In NYC’s pre-holiday season, you can live out your Hallmark Christmas movie fantasies. As temperatures dip in early sweater season, enjoy holiday activities like ice skating, strolling through Macy’s, Christmas lights and shopping, and shopping at Christmas markets.

“Christmas comes early in New York,” says Rocca. “We definitely see it as a destination that fits in well with this busy Christmas season… It’s always a city that changes itself. Whatever happens, it’s always strong and comes with a fresh new wave.”

Best Places To Visit In The World November

Musical theater fans will also love special and free viewings during Broadway Under the Stars and Broadway Performances at Hudson Yards. Brooklyn’s arts and entertainment scene is also bustling with footwells in Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Brooklyn Folks Festival. Moreover, the terrace season is not over in November and many rooftop bars are still open for a nightcap and a view.

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The Best Places Around The World To Travel In November

Winter is usually the best time for fresh powder in Park City. But you can score some great ski deals when the snow arrives in late November.

“Depending on the year, some ski areas open in mid-November,” says Rocca. “If you’re flexible – and keep an eye on the snow reports – sometimes you can get really good deals because they’re just opening the ski season. And there aren’t many people who book in advance for those days.”

When you’re not on the slopes, head to Olympic Park to see the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. You can enjoy the snow by tubing or getting big G bubbling. For more relaxation, relax in a cozy lodge or visit Main Street’s historic buildings, restaurants, and quaint boutiques.

November is the beginning of the Portuguese winter and low tourism season. However, it still offers relatively warm temperatures that are perfect for exploring the coastal city’s famous bridges, beautiful architecture, and port wine scene.

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“In Porto you get the combination of a very lively city with a lot to experience and a lot to eat. It meets all the wishes of the modern traveler.”

As you walk the cobbled streets, there are always colorful murals and street performers between buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. The Ribera district also offers more trendy shops and restaurants to experience the best cuisine in Portugal.

If you’re looking for an exotic destination filled with intricate palaces, mosques and gardens, Morocco is finally starting to cool down in November. A perfect time to visit the colorful walled markets of the medina district and taste Moroccan food at the food stalls.

Best Places To Visit In The World November

“[November] is a perfect time of year,” says Rocca. “You’ll have nice weather, it’ll be mild and maybe a little cool at night.”

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Rocca also recommends combining Morocco with a trip to Europe such as Paris or Madrid. It’s a great way to combine different cultural experiences in one trip.

“Belize is a destination we recommend for many discoveries, and it’s a place the way you imagine the Caribbean,” says Roca.

If you’re ready for turquoise-blue water and uncrowded beaches, Belize is coming out of rainy season in November. Temperatures will also be mild, perfect for trekking through rainforests and Mayan ruins.

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November is also the start of Belize’s high season, so you can get deals on hotels and tours before the crowds start to leave. Plus, one of the best times to experience Belize’s vibrant culture is during the country’s largest national holiday, the Garifuna Settlement. day

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Where to stay: Hotel Plaza San Francisco in Santiago (from $139/night), Geodesic Dome with Glacier and Mountain Views in Chilean Patagonia (from $159/night)

Chile is entering the end of the spring shoulder season in November, so you’ll probably want to avoid the big crowds. Perfect for exploring the country’s breathtaking views of the Andes mountains and the Chilean coastal region, the Pacific coast or the Santiago cityscape. You want to extend your holiday in Chile beyond just one destination.

“Chile has a little bit of everything,” says Rocca. “You go from the desert to the jungle to the cities…. There’s a combination of great wines, great accommodation (there are hotels that are very innovative and also have sustainability aspects), and it’s one of the best places in the world is from See Stars.

Best Places To Visit In The World November

The Chilean side of Patagonia also offers beautiful glacial lakes and rainforests. And if you fancy an epic journey through the desert, you can also head to Argentina.

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Chile’s neighbor Argentina also experiences its own shoulder season, making it a great time to pick up some bargains and beat the crowds. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of the land surrounded by the Andes even while visiting the city of Buenos Aires. In Patagonia you can see the grasslands, deserts and ice fields of Argentina.

“Argentina is such a vast country from south to north,” says Roca. “La Pampa, for example, is a very interesting place that people enjoy a lot, where you see those big fields.”

In November, Buenos Aires also hosts the famous Primavera Sound Festival, a stop along the South American route. Plus, no trip to Argentina is complete without sampling the Malbec region of Mendoza wine country.

). However, Rocca notes that visiting this destination becomes more expensive in high season. But in November, tourism slows down, so you score

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