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Best Travel Jobs In The World

Best Travel Jobs In The World – You have to engage in some sketchy get-rich-quick scheme to make lifestyle + travel a reality. After blogging about this for years, I’ve noticed that most people who ask for advice on creating a work + travel lifestyle want a) a job where travel is part of the job (vs. being in a foreign country) or b) want to live an independent lifestyle about location so they can work online while traveling, anywhere, anytime. Best Travel Jobs In The World I wanted to highlight 15 of the “best” jobs in my opinion – …

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Recreation Activities Jobs

Recreation Activities Jobs – Are you afraid of the cube and want to have a career in nature? We’ve all been there. You’re out in the mountains enjoying a weekend of hiking and camping when you realize that Monday morning is coming and you’ll soon have to go back to the office. More than six years ago, I found myself in exactly this position. I was working in Washington DC as a lobbyist for a large NGO. I lived in a suit and heels and spent my days either behind my computer or talking to people in Congress. Then one …

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